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Sports has already been a part and parcel of America’s culture. Among the many sports played and watched by Americans from day to day, one of the favorites are baseball and softball. These sports are the ones that most commonly use a type of fence called back stops. Mainly, it is installed as a safety measure. Back stops protect the crowd of spectators from getting hit by rapidly moving softballs or baseballs during games. When back stops are properly fitted and installed, the audience can watch the game without worrying about getting accidentally hurt or injured. During baseball and softball games, the balls come at great speeds and at high projectiles. Therefore, it is important that back stops are tall enough and sturdy enough to take such hits.

When it comes to your back stop installation needs, Charlotte Fence Company can provide you with these services. By choosing us, you are guaranteed that high quality durable materials will be used for your fences. The two most common types of fencing materials used for back stops are chain link and vinyl coated fabric. Chain link back stops are favored by many because of its durability and its simplicity. Moreover, it guarantees a clear view for the audience. Vinyl coated fabric is also a popular alternative. It is also made from durable material which can withstand forceful impacts.

Our team of professionals will handle the process of installation. Over the years, we have developed the most efficient techniques to make sure that fence installations are done smoothly. Our effective ways can have you playing baseball or softball in no time.

It is good to know that back stops can also be fitted into residential properties. For those with private basketball courts, this will also be a good addition.

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