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Privacy and security. These are the top two reasons why people have fences installed for their properties. There are structures other than fences that also serve these specific functionalities. Among these structures, the most common are cages and enclosures.

Cages and enclosure have different types which can serve many different purposes. We at the Charlotte Fence Company can help you select which of these types will best suit your needs. The ones we provide are both of great quality without being pricey. This factor of being able to provide affordable yet durable cages and enclosures has become a key to the success of our services for many years.

The many types of cages and enclosures include dog kennel cages, equipment cages, safety enclosure, batting cages, and dog cages. Below is a short description of each to help you in your deciding which one to avail.

Tools Cages and Equipment Cages The main function of these cages for storage of either tools or equipment. To be able to properly store these things, the cages must be made from sturdy materials. The main difference of these is the size. For example, the equipment cages are larger than tool cages since equipment cages should be able to handle huge machineries.

Batting Cages
For sports aficionados, you may be familiar with batting cages. This is used for practice batting sessions for sports such as baseball and softball. This is capable of protecting the players and the people around.

Dog cages and kennel cages
This is important for keeping your dogs safe and secure.

Safety enclosure
This is commonly used in instances where a safe zone needs to be created.

Whatever kind of fence you are looking for, we at the Charlotte Fence Company can help you. For cages and enclosures in Charlotte, contact us at 980-291-4187.

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