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Nowadays, most homeowners do not consider their houses as complete unless a suitable fence has been installed. Any residential property becomes instantly more sophisticated looking than it already is once a proper fence has been put up. Having a space of privacy and isolation with added protection and security are the leading reasons why fence installation is very important to many people. Besides these, the appearance of the home exteriors is a priority for homeowners these days.

Cedar wood fencing is one of the classic choices for fence installation. This is also a popular choice among homeowners. One important advantage it offers that sets it apart from other fence types is its ability to provide privacy. If you opt for the gapless option, a cedar wood fence would be capable of completely concealing the inside of your property. There is also an option to make this fence type relatively tall, making sure that it will be difficult to look over and even climb over. In addition, as cedar wood is a high-quality type of wood, this fence type can last for more than one decade.

Over the years, we have learned why cedar wood fencing is valuable to many clients. In summary, the top three reasons are these: security, durability, and beauty.

A cedar wood fence would be ideal for you if your priority is additional protection and security. A fence that can be built sufficiently tall ensures that no one will be able to see over your fence.
In terms of durability, cedar wood fences can last for many years if you follow the necessary maintenance procedures that must be done. These maintenance procedures will be very simple compared to the benefits this fence can give.

You may choose between the two types of cedar wood fences we offer: the gapless standard privacy type and the more decorative shadowboxing type.

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