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For many Americans, dog ownership is not simply a fad. Rather, it is a commitment, a friendship, and a lifestyle. In fact, dogs are among the most popular pets in the country nowadays. Because dog ownership is changing the everyday life of many people, there are new needs that arise in order to support this lifestyle. Therefore, we have many clients coming to us for their dog kennel needs.

The main purpose of dog kennels is providing a small home for your pet dogs. It acts as their shelter and protection from the weather and other external elements. There are also other establishments that need dog kennels. Among these are dog rescue groups and dog shelter institutions. The type of dog kennel needed may vary among different owners. For example, if you own larger breeds of dogs, a bigger one with more sturdy materials would be required. On the other hand, animal shelters who handle many dogs would need larger and more spacious ones, and in some cases multiple dog kennels.

To make sure that the dogs are kept completely safe, we use only the most high-quality materials from trustworthy suppliers. We want to make sure that the material of the kennel would not hurt or injure your dogs.

A variety of materials may be used for dog kennels. The one we usually use is the chain link type. This provides an open view to your pets. In this way, you can always see them. Depending on your needs, you may also opt for a permanent type or a temporary type of dog kennel. These can vary in terms of the materials used.

Dog kennels can cost anywhere between $1000 and $7000. For shelters, rescue groups and other places that would need the bigger commercial type of dog kennel, the cost is around $11,000 to $60,000.

We offer competitive pricing for our dog kennels. For inquiries, contact us at 980-291-4187.

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