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When clients seek a “green look” for their yards, this cedar wood fence installation is our strong recommendation. What more can make of a natural aesthetic than wood material?
Wood is often thought of as the least favorable fence material, however, the real question to ask is ‘what type of wood will be used?’ For our wood fence installation, we use cedar wood, a species of lumber that is considered to be very durable because it doesn’t warp, shrink or split. This material is even better than pressure treated pine.
It will require regular maintenance, but if cared for well, this type of fence has the potential of lasting you nearly a decade. Surely, this option is a worth it investment.

Our cedar wood fence can be installed as a privacy fence or a shadowbox fence. Privacy fencing will block of sightlines by installing taller wooden slabs closely side by side. Shadowbox fencing is also considered semi-privacy fencing because of the sigh-throughs in between the wooden slabs. Both sides of the fence are also identical, giving it the nickname “good neighbor fence.”
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