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Docks are man-made structures mainly used for the transport of goods and people to and from a boat. These structures extend towards a body of water making it susceptible to weathering. This is because it is continuously under direct sunlight, exposed to changing weather conditions and is partially submerged in water.

Given this information, it is important to install high-quality dock parts whether in the case of initial construction or repair work.

The Charlotte Fence Company offers dock parts installation services, but aside from that we offer dock parts individually as well. Our offerings include the following:

  • Boat docks
  • Dock floats
  • Dock hardware
  • Dock ladders
  • Boat hardware
  • Multinautic floating dock kit
  • Dock fenders and bumpers

Because regular maintenance affects the structure’s wear and tear, we offer regular maintenance and repair services as well. We perform these services on our work as well as on docks that were installed by external companies. However, clients who avail of our installation services will be offered discounts on regular maintenance and repair services as loyalty privilege.

Is this the installation that you were looking for? To inquire about this installation and to explore more of our customizable offerings do not hesitate to contact us at 980-291-4187. You can still look around our product listings to explore more options for your property. We are confident that we offer the best services, installation options and materials all in the best prices in the market today. The Charlotte Fence Company covers the surrounding areas of Charlotte in addition to the main Charlotte area.

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