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Back stops are installed for the purpose of maintaining off-field spectator safety. Considering how a fastball can travel a hundred miles per hour at record speed, a safety structure that can withstand this impact is very important.
Spectator injuries have been recorded over the years, leading to heightened rules regarding back stop installation especially in softball and baseball arenas.
We offer back stop installation in addition to other protective fence installations like outfield fence (protects the people and objects outside the fence; the height must be increased accordingly), player bench protective fence (installed in front of the on-grade player’s bench and below-grade dugouts), fence fittings (posts, rails, and braces for chain-link fence), spectator protective fence (protects the spectators of the game located on the highest point of the bleachers), foul line fence (protects the fielder from distractions) and gates (for access regulation).

Our back stops are made of galvanized steel chain link walls that have a standard 50 mm mesh size. Common fence height measures anything not less than 4.88 m.
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