Guard Rails Installation Charlotte

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For the purposes of protection and safety, guard rails are the best installation. Its main function is to prevent and mitigate risk of danger (quite obvious due to its product name “guard”). Guard rails are commonly utilized in two settings: environmental and architectural settings. Before it became common to use guard rails in commercial and residential areas, it was first predominantly used in the industrial setting to provide facility safety

Environmental guard rails are commonly used in hiking trails and overlooking patios where there is falling risk present. On the other hand, architectural guard rails are found on road sides, residential areas as well as commercial areas like buildings in compliance with specific area building codes.

There are two types of guard rails in terms of material used—steel ribbed and polymer. Polymer guard rails were simply alternatives to the steel ribbed type. It is lighter in weight and makes for easier installation. Usually the upright posts of these installations are made of steel wall tubing, strong enough to bear the weight of the rails.

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Guard Rails Installation Charlotte