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Steel and aluminum are commonly used materials in construction due to their strength and durability. Aside from that, steel and aluminum are fool proof options when it comes to curbing the appeal of a certain property. Metalwork is very effective in adding a classic look to a property’s exterior. This classic touch can be accentuated or toned down depending on the addition of ornamental elements.

We offer prefabricated tubular bars that come in a variety of designs. These are our cheaper offerings. If clients want to customize their designs, going for hand forged designs, or adding other elements like rails, rings, scrolls and finials, will come at a higher costing. Clients can also customize by choosing arching pickets, swooping pickets, or twisted pickets and the like.

Ornamental fences can have mesh wires installed for added security. Other design modifications can be made according to client request.

Clients can choose between ornamental steel and ornamental aluminum fences. By sheer strength alone, steel outdoes aluminum, but in terms of ease of maintenance, aluminum is better than steel. This is because aluminum is resistant to rust while steel requires maintenance care for this.

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