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Temporary fences are lightweight fence panels that are self-supporting and easily movable. Compared to its counterpart—permanent fences—temporary fences are meant to be installed for a specific event then stowed to the storage thereafter.

Outdoor events are commonly observed making use of temporary fences to serve the purposes of security, organization and crowd control. Events like bazaars and exhibits, make use of temporary fences to separate a big venue into individual spaces. Construction sites also make use of temporary fences to serve as a barricade to secure the site from trespassers. It is also used to mark danger zones and off-limit areas where heavy equipment is parked.

We offer three types of temporary fences including independent panels, anti-scale fences and pedestrian barricades. Independent panels are used for sectioning a big area into small independent spaces. Anti-scale fences are used for the purposes of security and privacy. Lastly, pedestrian barricades are used to control hug foot traffic especially in public events like concerts and festivals.

Because temporary fences are made to be stowed away after usage, most of our clients’ concerns involve its storage space after use. As response to this, we do not only offer temporary fences for purchase but for rent as well.

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