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Are you a tennis player, a tennis fan, or a tennis court owner? You do not need to be as good as Federer or Sharapova to love tennis. In fact, tennis is one of the most popular sports in the country today. If you have a tennis court that needs fencing services, but you are not sure what kind of fence to install, read further and learn more. We, at the Charlotte Fence Company can help you have a great tennis court fence installed in no time, no matter what your style, needs, or budget is.

There is an ideal tennis fence to be installed for you depending on the type of your property. For example, the fencing needs of an outdoor tennis court will differ from that of an indoor tennis court. Moreover, if you have several tennis courts within your property, there will be a different type suitable for you.

The main purpose of tennis court fences is keeping the tennis balls inside the court. There are many types of material that can serve this function. The most common are wood, vinyl, chain link, aluminum, steel, and even Trex fencing.

Wood is a practical choice for those who seek to have privacy while playing. Vinyl is also an appropriate option in terms of privacy and security factors. Meanwhile, chain link fencing is the most popular fence type used for tennis courts. This is a durable yet affordable option and maintains an open view of the court. There is also aluminum and steel fencing, a stylish option while still being a functional tennis court fence. Lastly, Trex fencing is a suitable and durable alternative for those looking for an eco-friendly option.

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Tennis Courts Fence Installation Charlotte