About Us

The Charlotte Fence Company’s humble beginnings trace way back to the year 1997. Then, this small business catered to families in a small residential area in Charlotte alone.

With Charlotte’s growing population, our CEO anticipated a great need for improved security in residential and commercial areas alike. True enough, as the property-related crime increased, the community was on the search for a trusted fence company for their respective properties.

Due to a reputation of excellent service, great help from loyal clients and word-of-mouth from customers, The Charlotte Fence Company grew to what it is today.

Today, it serves Charlotte and its surrounding areas as well, offering a range of budget-friendly to high-end fence offerings.

The Charlotte Fence Company continues to broaden its offerings and works to widen its reach beyond Charlotte. Our team is committed in its mission of helping keep the community safe through this amazing work that we do.


The statement, “Our mission is to keep you safe” was born out of a sincere concern over the increasing crime rate of Charlotte City. Charlotte was even considered to be one of the least safe cities of the state following an evaluation on 41 indicators including crime, accidents and financial security.

Although this line of work only indirectly involves itself in making Charlotte a safer place, we put pride in what we do. This mission has led to approximately a fourth of Charlotte’s community choosing the safer option of fencing with us.

This is why we consider ourselves the best fencing company in Charlotte.